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Today across Barnstaple, businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on their website to drive new business and get new clients and customers.

Having a successful online presence and securing a high ranking for those all-important keywords relies on one important factor -  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Websites which climb to the top of the Google rankings, drive high volumes of organic traffic to their website and get more customers and clients never just ‘happen’ - every aspect of your website needs to be fully optimised for the search engines.

Devon based Devon Media has a wealth of experience working with Barnstaple-based businesses to improve their SEO and help them climb the Google rankings.

All SEO Services provided by Devon Media are individually designed and structured with your specific business in mind.

We are passionate about increasing your websites Google ranking, online visibility, organic traffic and site visits through:

  • Fully optimising every single on-site ranking factor
  • In depth keyword research
  • High quality content creation & promotion
  • Detailed competitor research
  • Backlink Acquisition

Search engines such as Google have evolved to become more sophisticated, using complicated algorithms and artificial intelligence to establish which pages to include in their index and the order in which these pages are ranking in the search results.

Our powerful and effective SEO strategies make it easy for the Google search engine crawlers to quickly identify what area of business your website covers, how authoritative in that field your website is and what services you are offering.

This ensures you rank higher, quicker whilst always ensuring that your Google ranking gains are sustainable and protected from any future Google algorithm updates.

Did you know that every single page on your website has over 200 Google SEO ranking factors?

That's right, there are over 200 different things that need to be SEO optimised for Google - on every single page on your website.

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If you are a Barnstaple business and are looking for a new website, an online e-commerce shop, a refresh or update of your current website or some help with your Website SEO, please get in touch below, and we'll do all we can to help.

    Perfect your SEO to outrank your competitors and attract the customers & clients you deserve

    On Page SEO Services for Barnstaple Businesses

    On Page Technical SEO factors are the foundation and building blocks for ensuring your website performs strongly on Google and achieves that coveted Page 1 place.

    Without the proper technical site-wide structural SEO elements, your website content won’t yield the results it deserves.

    On-page SEO is a term that refers to the previously mentioned 200+ Google SEO factors that each page on your website contains.

    Your website is the first thing Google will ever see that is associated with your brand; forget backlinks, bounce rate, average time spent on page, social signals and click-through rate, the first thing that Google does is crawl your website, index your website pages and assign a ranking for any keywords that Google identifies as being relevant to the content being served on your website.

    At Devon Media, our Barnstaple SEO experts will analyse your site speed, ensure your titles, meta-tags and images are fully optimised, assess your on-site navigation for optimal user experience, strategically place internal links for the strongest contextual authority and examine your keyword density to make sure you’re getting the benefit of all aspects of your on-site content.

    Our SEO experts will help you understand and navigate your website, assessing areas such as good site structure, relevant content and engaging keywords, using anchor and image texts and internal link strategies, and ensuring each piece of content is fully optimised.

    Header tags, Title tags, broken links (both internal and external), Page not found (404) Errors, keyword density, Alt tags, optimised images, meta descriptions, thin content, duplicate content, site speed, mobile responsiveness and many, many more factors can all be your best friend if you get them perfect, but your worst enemy if they are neglected.

    If you are a Barnstaple business contact us today for your FREE Website Healthcheck and SEO Audit.

    Email us at or via our contact form to request your FREE website healthcheck and SEO Review.

    Local SEO for Barnstaple Businesses

    Local SEO will provide geo-targeted results to potential clients and customers in the Barnstaple area.

    We will help you create your Google My Business page and optimise this to ensure every element is finely tuned to ensure you can claim one of the precious three places in the Google Local Three Pack.

    Our carefully crafted Local SEO services ensure your profile is visible to those customers near you. We also ensure that all NAPs and Citations are consistently crafted to match the details held on your GMB page.

    Equally, our regional SEO services will help to increase the number of mentions your Barnstaple business and profile gets in business directories distributed across industry-ranked sites and portals.

    We will also set up a feed of all your Google business reviews from your Google My Business page directly to your website so you can share these with all of your website visitors.

    Devon Media specialise in ethical SEO services and link building.

    We build links using quality content, reviews, press releases, links from other authoritative sites and relevant, credible sources.

    These links are 100% safe, and our team prides itself on its site development, link building, analysis and SEO content creation by constantly striving to be the very best at what we do.

    SEO Keyword Research for Barnstaple Businesses

    Keyword research is one of the most important activities in your Website SEO strategy.

    Devon-based Devon Media are experts at effective, results-driven keyword research, which forms a fundamental pillar of your website's SEO strategy.

    The techniques used in intelligent keyword research can make or break a website in the ranks.

    Key Metrics and indicators in a solid keyword research campaign include Keyword Difficulty and Monthly Search Volume. Getting the balance right between an achievable keyword and a meaningful monthly search volume is critical.

    Questions like:

    Who are you competing with for a particular keyword or key phrase? If Page 1 of Google is full of multi-national companies, then it's time to look elsewhere.

    What is the monthly search volume for a particular keyword or keyphrase? You should target a different keyword combination if no one is searching for your target keyword.

    Long Tail Keywords. Can we create a hierarchy so a well-crafted landing page will also rank for several long tail keywords?

    Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and synonyms of a keyword are essential to the keyword research process. You can think of LSI keywords as synonyms to a certain degree; however, they aren’t exactly the same, but they share a similar “theme.”

    LSI is all about contextual themes, and synonyms are commonly known as being a word or a phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase.

    Devon Media’s keyword research methodology helps implement LSI keywords that enhance your content rank in search engines. Knowing how your customers think and search is our forte and matters!

    SEO Competitor Research for Barnstaple Businesses

    Why are your competitor websites ranking above you in Google?

    Understanding what the competition to your Barnstaple business are doing is a crucial SEO strategy that gives you valuable insight into any opportunities you are currently missing as well as what mistakes they are making.

    Competitor Research is one of Devon Media's most popular SEO services and one we thoroughly enjoy doing.

    Our competitor research can identify:

    • What keywords are they targeting
    • What keywords are they ranking for
    • What pages are ranking well
    • What are their most popular pages
    • What external websites are linking back to them (quality and authority of backlinks is one of the top 3 ranking factors)
    • What Google Ad campaigns they are running

    ...and much more besides.

    Devon Media’s in-depth investigation and analysis of your competition allow you to assess and compare their rankings to yours and understand what keywords and pages need immediate attention and are realistic for your Barnstaple business.

    Not only can you learn best practices from your Barnstaple business competitors, but you can also learn to avoid the mistakes they are making.

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    If you are a Barnstaple business and are looking for a new website, an online e-commerce shop, a refresh or update of your current website or some help with your Website SEO, please get in touch below, and we'll do all we can to help.