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Exmouth based Devon Media push the boundaries and unlock the full potential of your business through carefully thought out web design right across the Exmouth area.

Web Design in Exmouth

Why Use Exmouth based Devon Media for your Web Deesign Project In Exmouth?

First Impressions Matter

Good, fast and responsive web design matters. Your website is the window through which your audience views your Exmouth-based business.

A professionally designed website will encourage people to buy your products or services. Conversely, poor web design, or a website which is slow and not mobile responsive, will see potential clients and customers leave your website as quickly as they arrive.

Every business in Exmouth needs a well-constructed and professional website if it wants to promote its products or services successfully.

We usually use the WordPress content management system for all our web design in Exmouth, as it is the most scalable, flexible and user-friendly platform to build your new mobile responsive website on - it's great for SEO too!

Get in touch with Exmouth based Devon Media

Get in touch with Exmouth-based Devon Media.

If you an Exmouth business and are looking for a new website, an online e-commerce shop, a refresh or update of your current website or some help with your SEO please get in touch below, and we'll do all we can to help.

    Clear & Concise Web Design Quotes with no Hidden Extras

    When you commission a new website from EXmouth-based Devon Media, we will take you through the process of learning what you aim to achieve with your new website so that the website's quality reflects the ambitions and mission of Exmouth business.

    The Full Scope of your Exmouth Web Design Project
    • What elements and features do you want to have included in the new website
    • What are your ultimate goals for the website
    • At this concept stage, you may not yet have any firm direction for your Exmouth web design project - we will help guide you with website design ideas and designs which are proven to work.

    Trusted web design services in Exmouth

    Exmouth based Devon Media are dedicated to providing you with the best web service possible, our collaborative approach ensures this.

    By working with Devon Media you’ll experience:

    Devon Media Strive to be Friendly & Approachable

    We’re an open and honest company and always make a big effort to get to know you and your business, we are friendly and approachable when it comes to our services.

    We’ll always take time to discuss and understand precisely what you would like to achieve from your website.

    A Personal Experience Throughout the Project

    We like to keep you involved throughout the entire lifetime of your project, you’ll be involved in your web design project every step of the way.

    Whether you are based in Exmouth or anywhere else in Devon, we provide regular updates so you can keep track of your website's progress.

    Individual, Bespoke Designs

    While it would be great if one-size-fits-all worked for every Exmouth business website, we know that’s never true.

    We don’t use 3rd party templates; where’s the fun in having a website that looks like hundreds of others?

    All our designs are unique, individual and bespoke to you, providing a purposeful, custom solution for your website design.

    Quality Web Design Solutions Exact to your Requirements

    Our ethos is to provide the highest quality web design solution for your Exmouth business that matches your requirements perfectly; we won’t rush our projects either.

    Although If you are looking for a new website within a couple of weeks, we will try our hardest to accommodate and expedite any requirements.

    Exmouth Web Design

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    Exmouth Websites Designed To Convert

    Irrespective of whether you need an eCommerce website, an information website, or a service provider website, every web page on your site must have a clear goal to help grow your business in Exmouth. Our websites are carefully and professionally optimised to meet your operational requirements.

    The layout of each page will focus on bringing attention to the main goal set for that web page.

    This will include the text being worded to attract the attention of website visitors who are just browsing or who are visiting your site looking for something more specific.

    Therefore, excellent and logical navigation forms a critical element of the web design process and is integrated into the page to help your visitors find the information they need.

    We can help with many forms of web design in Exmouth, take a look at a select few of our specialist web design services:

    Complete Website Design

    Complete website design is our prime area of expertise! If you’ve yet to get a presence on the internet and require a complete website design we can help.

    We’ll understand your requirements and provide you with a modern, sleek and visually stunning full website design for your Exmouth business

    Website Redesign & Refresh

    Does your current web design appear a little outdated and no longer grabs your attention?

    Have you noticed a decline in traffic in recent months? We can take your existing website and bring it back to life with a fresh new website redesign and refresh.

    E-Commerce Website Design

    Online shopping has become increasingly more popular over the past few years, as more and more businesses take the leap online it is vital your E-Commerce website stands out.

    Regardless of the size of your product list, we can help make the transition from shop front to a successful e-commerce website.

    Brochure Website Design

    Simply, sleek brochure websites provide a beautiful visual solution but offer fewer pages than traditional website design.

    We’ll provide your users with all the information they would need in one space to ensure they find the right information in the shortest time with simple but attractive CTA's and multiple Contact methods.

    Mobile-Friendly Web Design In Exmouth

    Mobile-friendliness is absolutely vital to your professional new website.

    Approximately 70% of all Internet browsing is now done from a mobile device.

    Mobile first is now the primary ranking method used by Google.

    In other words, if your web design is not mobile-friendly, your website will suffer in the search results. Exmouth based Devon Media are a professional web design company covering Exmouth and the surrounding Devon county, so you can be confident that we only design 100% mobile-friendly and responsive websites.

    To add to the mobile-friendliness of our websites, we optimise the layout of different elements of each web page so that they flow best for mobile website users.

    This is aimed to help convert visitors into customers by providing them with the information and incentives to click through to your offerings. Good mobile-optimised web design will further help your website to be ranked better by Google, which, as we have seen, places high importance on mobile-friendly websites.

    SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for your Exmouth Businesses Website

    If your website is not effectively optimised for search engines such as Google, it will negatively impact your search engine rankings online, that’s because nobody can find you with a quick Google search.

    We will ensure that your website will perform well through fine-tuned technical search engine optimisation to increase your website's chances to be found online.

    Wondering why your competitors are ranking ahead of you? We can analyse and research exactly why they are and then implement a full strategy to ensure you take that coveted page one position in Google.

    Exmouth Web Design

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    How Does Our Expert Web Design Process Work for your Exmouth Business?

    We translate your vision into the website you want

    As an Exmouth based web design company serving Exmouth and the wider Devon county, we are determined to make the creation of your new responsive website a pleasure for you and make the whole process as friction-free as possible.

    You may have experienced the "industry standard" where the web design process can leave you feeling stranded, lost and without an idea of what you will receive and when.

    We take you through a transparent process where you can be as much or as little involved as you want to be, but with each stage being clear to you.

    Stage 1: Design of Look and Feel of your Exmouth Website

    Right from the start of the web design project in Exmouth, we will discuss with you the following:

    • What functionality your Exmouth business requires
    • Other websites whose design is inspiring to you
    • How do you want your website mapped out
    • The goals you have for your website
    • The keywords you want the website to rank for

    Discussing these website elements early on is essential as they form the building blocks for the rest of the website.

    Once the web design specification has been agreed upon and signed-off, we start to work on the homepage.

    Stage 2: Your Exmouth Business Website Homepage

    Your website homepage will determine the layout and styling of the rest of your website and is a significant page to get absolutely perfect as this will form the building blocks and look and feel of the rest of the website.

    Working closely with you, we will design and build all the crucial elements of your website, such as the colours, fonts, menus, picture sizes and styles, which will be used across the whole website.

    You will be able to view the homepage online at all stages of design, enabling you to make comments about the website's design and work with Exmouth based Devon Media on an ongoing collaborative basis so we can get everything looking exactly how you want it.

    Stage 3: Additional Web Pages

    Once you are completely happy with the design of the homepage, we move on to the rest of the internal pages on your website.

    As with the website homepage, you will be able to view the pages as they are being designed so changes can be made along the way until you have the look and feel that you want to achieve.

    During this stage, we will test each web page for its mobile-friendliness.

    If necessary, alternative layouts will be created to suit the smaller screen sizes. This tends to be the case when full-screen parallax images are used for display on larger screens.

    Stage 4: Integration of Additional Functionality

    Once the web design and styling is complete we will start to build in the the last nuts and bolts of your new content management website.

    These include the integration of Google Maps, Google reCaptcha to keep your email forms safe and Google Analytics to keep track of the website's performance.

    These tasks will require access to your Google account to enable the integration of these web services.

    At this stage, if it has not already been done during the homepage design, all of your social media account links will be added to your bespoke website.

    Stage 5: Pre-Go Live Functionality Testing

    Before making the new website live, publicly available and ready to receive your first visitors, the website needs to be thoroughly checked to ensure that every feature on every page operates as intended.

    This critical stage of the web design project is to catch any glitches that may be present before the website is live.

    During this phase, we do ask the client to review and confirm that everything is working as they expect but also so that you get a good feel for the website and how your visitors will use it.

    Stage 6: Go Live!

    Go live is where you have signed off the web design and are happy for it to be shown to the world!

    This is where it starts working for you to help grow your Exmouth business.

    We will submit your Exmouth business website to Google's Search Console for them to index it and therefore rank your website in their search results.

    From here on, we highly recommend starting your social media marketing campaigns to promote the website and drive traffic to it.

    Exmouth Web Design

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